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Unleash the potential in your images with Foto Frenzy’s Post-processing Skills Course.

Now that you’re creating great photos, learn how to add your own personalised touch to your captures through an efficient workflow, using some of the most popular software tools.

In this course you’ll be introduced to the foundations of Digital Asset Management (DAM); basic Colour Management; image enhancement using popular programs including Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW.

PLUS you’ll learn that post-processing is not all about being accomplished in the use of program menus, fancy filters, every different adjustment available and a long list of prescribed actions – you’ll discover that having basic skills, a simple philosophy and a clear goal are the keys to creating evocative images.

Foto Frenzy’s Post-processing Skills is made up of 4 modules.

Module 1Saturday  (9am-12pm) Digital Imaging Fundamentals – Covers the principles of digital imaging, principles of Digital Asset Management (DAM), workflow and basic colour management.

Module 2Saturday  (1pm-4pm) Lightroom 4® and ACR Skills–  Lightroom’s Library and Develop Modules explained. RAW image processing with Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

Module 3Sunday  (9am-12pm) Photoshop CS6®  Skills–   Explore adjustment layers; selections; adding textures and; compositing and manipulation.

Module 4Sunday  (1pm-4pm) Creative Post-Processing – turning your creative visions into reality with the aid of Adobe® Lightroom and Adobe® Photoshop (includes hands-on with your images).

Cost: Individual Modules $125.00 each ($95 for students) All 4 modules for $395.00 ($295 for students).

Location: Foto Frenzy HQ – 429 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, QLD 4152

Next Courses:  To Be Advised

It’s preferred that students bring their own computer with Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom® software loaded so they are working in their own familiar environment, but please enquire if this is not possible.  Free 30-day trial versions of Photoshop CS6® and Lightroom 4® are available as downloads from the Adobe website and can be activated immediately prior to the first module being attended.

We have a maximum of 8 participants for each course and a minimum of 2 instructors.